martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Internal messages (an ecological alternative to communicate easily intra-cloud)

hello ownCloud  followers, today we meet the new app internal messages,
This app has been popular for its ease of use and simplicity,
among their facilities:

- Send and receive messages from users.
- Notify the arrival of a new message.
- Display the date and time of messages.
- Display the user's photo.
- Delete messages sent or received.
- Messages to groups (broadcasting).

its development has been guided by the comments of the people,
as seen in the road-map:

version 0.5 [download]
- fix auto-send message in broadcasting.
- show send message to group.

version 0.4
- messages to groups (broadcasting).
- improvements in the code.

version 0.3
- sanitize content in sent messages.
- implement drop-down control for users.

version 0.2
- small modification to work in ownCloud 4.5

version 0.1
- initial release.

if this app is right for you and just need some extra functionality
comment and become a fan. You can also vote for it.
Until now, it's being developed for versions 4.x ownCloud
but it works perfectly well in 4.5.

greetings ... see you in the next version

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