viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Internal Messages for many users

This version is similar to 0.6,  with one difference, has been eliminated drop-down with users and groups, this modification is necessary when we live in environments with many users ...

version 0.6.1 [download]

miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

last version of Internal Messages for ownCloud 4.0.x

last version of Internal Messages for ownCloud 4.0.x
This will be the last version of internal_messages developed for ownCloud 4.0.x, in the next version it will be used the new facilities of ownCloud 4.5, like auto-complete drop-down after 2 characters  and better visual interface.

version 0.6 [download]
- search text in messages.

martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Internal messages (an ecological alternative to communicate easily intra-cloud)

hello ownCloud  followers, today we meet the new app internal messages,
This app has been popular for its ease of use and simplicity,
among their facilities:

- Send and receive messages from users.
- Notify the arrival of a new message.
- Display the date and time of messages.
- Display the user's photo.
- Delete messages sent or received.
- Messages to groups (broadcasting).

its development has been guided by the comments of the people,
as seen in the road-map:

version 0.5 [download]
- fix auto-send message in broadcasting.
- show send message to group.

version 0.4
- messages to groups (broadcasting).
- improvements in the code.

version 0.3
- sanitize content in sent messages.
- implement drop-down control for users.

version 0.2
- small modification to work in ownCloud 4.5

version 0.1
- initial release.

if this app is right for you and just need some extra functionality
comment and become a fan. You can also vote for it.
Until now, it's being developed for versions 4.x ownCloud
but it works perfectly well in 4.5.

greetings ... see you in the next version

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

who share for owncloud old versions ...

site ownCloud app doesn't allow multiple versions of an app ... this affects users who are still using an older ownCloud, because when you upgrade the app, it is discontinued development for older versions ... an example of this is the app Who Share, which is available for versions 4 and if you update to version 4.5 will not be available for versions 4...for this reason we post here the app to version 4, because the app will soon be available for version 4.5 on the apps site..

 Download [ for ownCloud 4 versions ]